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Usage statistics & reports will be unavailable in October, November & December

UPDATE (1/9/2018): eScholarship usage statistics will be available in late January and will include all historical data.

Regular monthly usage statistics emails will not be delivered in November for the month of October. This information will be captured and stored as historical data for later reference. We will resume sending out monthly usage statistics in December for the month of November.

Usage statistics and report links will also be inaccessible during this time, and information on the 'Metrics' tab on individual item pages will not reflect new usage activity during this period.

We aim to restore up-to-date metrics services in December.

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Update: 1/26/2018:

Usage statistics for departments, research units & campuses are now available!

To access these reports, navigate to your unit's landing page on eScholarship and add "/stats" (without quotes) to the end of your unit's eScholarship URL.

For example, to get stats for WestJEM, first navigate to the WestJEM landing page at:

Then place your cursor in your web browser's address bar, at the end of the URL, and add "/stats" like so:

You will then be able to explore the various usage reports available to you, and customize the reporting dates to fit your needs. If you need to export a report to spreadsheet format, an option to do so is at the bottom of each table.

We will resume sending email notifications with links to these reports in the coming week.

Author usage statistics reports remain unavailable, but should be ready within 2 weeks.

Thank you for your patience as we worked to enhance our reporting service!


Update 2/8/2018:

Usage reports for authors have been restored and notification emails were delivered.