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2017 eScholarship Redesign: New Features

New & Improved
  • Campus repository landing pages - Each campus now has a visually distinct repository and OA publishing presence and campus landing pages can be customized to feature important work, news, announcements and more. Campuses landing pages will also feature a link to the campus’s DASH instance (if they subscribe to DASH).
  • Native inline PDF viewer - PDF text can now be selected and copied, and links within a PDF can be clicked to launch external sites. A new full-screen view is also available for distraction free reading.
  • Content-focused branding - The journal, academic unit, and campus brands now take precedence over eScholarship branding.
  • Graphical feature carousels - Announcements and featured content can now be promoted at the top of department, research unit and journal landing pages via an image-based carousel.
  • Customizable landing page widgets - Feature recent items, or develop your own sidebar block with text and images to feature any news, announcements or content you’d like.
  • Flexible content display options - Admins can choose to display a simple listing of items, or they can showcase visually rich content by utilizing thumbnail images. A new magazine layout lets journal editors explore less structured models for their tables of contents.
  • Supplemental content surfacing - Supplemental files, which were previously easy to miss, are now prominently called out in search results and collection pages. They’re much more prominently displayed  on item pages too.
  • Modern sub-site navigation - Admins can now create nested / hierarchical navigation menus to organize their informational pages (e.g. Submission Guidelines, About Us, etc.)
  • DIY site customization tools - Admins have direct control over most aspects of their site’s look and feel, as well as the ability to make edits to their site’s informational pages, without having to request and wait for those changes to be made by eScholarship support.
  • Deposit wizard - Contributors will be guided to the most appropriate deposit mechanism by answering a few quick questions.
  • Optimized social sharing - Social sharing options have been updated to reflect current popular platforms, and content previews on social media sites will have an updated, professional look.
  • Altmetric badges for repository content - In addition to our standard item level usage metrics, AltMetric badges have been added to reflect other forms of attention to and influence of research articles on eScholarship (DOI metadata required for eScholarship Repository items. Only available for eScholarship Journal content with purchase of AltMetric license).
  • Enhanced media streaming - Video and audio streaming is now more reliable and is capable of rendering a wider variety of formats and codecs.
  • Faceted search, now with informational page results - Searches can now be narrowed by a variety of facets (e.g. publication date, academic unit, etc). Search queries will now also return results for non-publication pages, such as a department’s landing page, a journal’s Call for Papers, or information about a campus or eScholarship.
  • Responsive design - eScholarship pages now scale automatically, so the site looks great no matter what device users utilize.
  • Accessible-first design - All features of the site have been designed to meet AA WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines. (Accessibility of contributor content varies. Contact eScholarship Support to report accessibility issues.)
  • New Help Center - Completely redesigned help center centralizes user guides, frequently asked questions, policies and more all in one place. Users can also submit and monitor the status of new support & feature requests tickets, and engage in discussions with other eScholarship users in the forums.
  • Open code - The eScholarship codebase is now available on Github.

Coming Soon (2018)
  • Advanced search (strings) - Users will be able to conduct an advanced search using pre-defined parameters (e.g. author:”Smith, K”).
  • Additional sidebar widgets - Customizable sidebar widgets will be added for Twitter and RSS feeds.
  • Multi-format download - Readers will be able to download items in multiple formats (where available) such as ePub; and will also have the option to download collections of content, such as an entire journal issue, or all supplemental files associated with a publication at once.
  • Multi-media item view - Items that contain only media (without an accompanying PDF) will display a new media-focused item page.
  • Related items - Item view pages will surface other eScholarship content that may be of interest to readers.
  • Public API - More flexible tools for developers to remix and re-use publication data from eScholarship

  • My Items - Site support for collecting  items in a temporary reading list on eScholarship has been superseded by the inclusion of similar functionality in modern browsers and third-party plug-ins.
  • Advanced search (fielded) - Search result facets have replaced a fielded advanced search form. In the near future, however, advanced search queries may be conducted using search strings (see Coming Soon above).
  • Browse disciplines - User feedback has indicated that discipline categories are not typically descriptive enough for meaningful browsing. Search results can still be filtered by discipline.
  • Campus postprint (aka “Previously Published Work”) series - While these collections remain accessible via direct URLs, links to the series will not be featured on the site. As these collections have grown to contain thousands of items, and the scope of their contents has expanded beyond published work, faceted search and related item widgets have now become the most efficient ways to explore & surface this content.
  • Code Customizations - The new site design took existing code customizations into consideration, and most are now features that have been built right into the redesigned site! Administrators with existing customizations should contact eScholarship Support for assistance migrating to the new templates. Future customizations will be considered only as site-wide feature requests.

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