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Non-textual items where the primary file is a PDF not displaying correctly

If an item is submitted through and categorized as "Non-Textual," it may not display correctly on eScholarship when the primary file is a PDF (posters commonly fit into this category).

While we work to correct this issue, a temporary workaround is to re-categorize the item as "Paper / Article." To do so:

  • Locate the item by logging into
  • Select "Make Changes"
  • Change the top selector from "Non-Textual" to "Paper / Article"
  • Review the metadata
  • Check the deposit agreement and add a revision comment
  • Select "Submit"
  • On the Item Summary page, select "Publish"
  • The revision will appear on eScholarship within about 1 hour.
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 Non-textual items are now displaying correctly. The above workaround is no longer necessary.

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