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Bug: Missing the journal title in the 'citation_journal_title' field of escholarship metadata


I noticed that Zotero does not correctly capture all of the metadata from eScholarship. For example, when I add any of these eScholarship publications to my Zotero library, the publication name (i.e. Journal) does not come with it, leading to incorrect citations: 

I checked, and Mendeley's addon does capture the correct publication name, so I initially assumed that the issue lies in how Zotero gathers that information, not necessarily with escholarship. However, I raised this issue directly with the Zotero team (see discussion here: and they found that escholarship is missing the journal title in the 'citation_journal_title' field. Mendeley resolves this by looking up data for the DOI on the page. However, the underlying issue is with the way eScholarship represents the metadata.

Is this something that can be resolved easily so others don't run into the same problem?

Thank you!

Thanks again for your report! Our latest release should have fixed this. Give it a test, and let us know! 

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Thanks for your report! We're on this and hope to have it resolved soon. :) 

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