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Posted almost 5 years ago by Allegra Swift

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Allegra Swift
Allegra Swift

There is a request for journals to include,

I'm not sure if I am just reiterating the request but could we get a field in both symplectic and eScholarship manual upload form to include and display ORCiDs?

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Alainna Therese Wrigley

Alainna Therese Wrigley posted almost 5 years ago Admin

In Symplectic Elements (UC Publication Management System), users can connect their ORCID iDs on their profiles and "automatic claiming" ( ) pages. 

When they deposit works into eScholarship, their ORCID iD is automatically transferred to eScholarship. Example:

Source: Steffan, JS. (2016). A cause for childhood ataxia. ELIFE, 5. Retrieved from

If a campus already has collected ORCID iDs for its researchers in other systems, e.g. a local campus profile system or FIM, then it can arrange with us to import those identifiers in bulk. For assistance with this, please reach out to our team directly

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