Allow empty series to be visible and open to submissions

Posted over 4 years ago by Alainna Therese Wrigley

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Alainna Therese Wrigley
Alainna Therese Wrigley Admin

Proposal: Empty series should be allowed to be visible to the public and open to submissions without requiring a dummy article deposit. 


A campus research group or conference may wish to use eScholarship to both solicit and feature working papers or conference papers and posters for informal submission and publishing. The expectation is that a researcher can find the eScholarship unit (e.g. "Campus Research Institute") and see an series (e.g. "2010 Research Conference") which has a brief description soliciting conference panel proposals or paper submissions. The researcher can then submit their conference paper to the empty series for the admin to review and later accept. This allows researchers to only need to submit their paper, poster, proposal, etc. once, and allows series admin to only request and receive the paper once, then approve and make public on the day of conference. 

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