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Series admin should have access to view campus postprint series, add secondary locations

I am a series admin on eScholarship. By default, publications are deposited into my campus's postprint series (e.g. ucb_postprints), however I cannot access items in these series to add additional series locations or request that an item be moved to my series. 

As a series admin, I should have the ability to log into and: 

  1. access my campus's postprint series; 
  2. see the list of items in the campus postprint series and click on them to open the basic information screen; 
  3. add an additional location to any series for which I am set as an admin; and 
  4. submit a "change of location" request to remove the item from the campus postprint series to my series. (This last part would be a similar function to the "withdrawal" request that admin can submit from the same screen.) 

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