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Posted over 3 years ago by Martha Stuit

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Martha Stuit

From the admin side of eScholarship, I would like to have more stats information to get a general sense of who/where content is being viewed and/or downloaded. It'd be great to get the number of views and downloads from non-UC people (as best as possible given that UC people could potentially access items when not logged in, but the numbers could also potentially exclude on-campus access to improve the accuracy). Another informative stat would be views & downloads in the US and views & downloads out of the country. If possible, on-UC-campus access and off-campus access could also be interesting.

Keeping separate counts for views/hits and downloads would be ideal for the aforementioned requested stats (like how the metrics are currently displayed on item pages in eScholarship). 

There may be more stats that Google Analytics has and/or that others would like to see in an expanded report.

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