NGLP Pilot (2)

CDL is a pilot partner in an exciting new initiative, the Arcadia-funded Next Generation Library Publishing Project (NGLP), focused on building interoperable tools to connect widely adopted, open source platforms and services. Join us for a demonstration of an early version of the NGLP stack, configured for and populated with sample journal and repository data from two UC campuses. Participants will be able to tour and interact with the pilot implementation, including journal and repository submission workflows and the NGLP Web Delivery Platform (WDP), the last of which provides a unified display layer across multiple content platforms. We will be particularly focused on the presentation of content and related publishing entities, in order to learn what our stakeholders find compelling, confusing, and where the gaps are at this early stage. This feedback will be shared with the NGLP project team as they work to build out a fully realized offering during the project’s next grant cycle.