In addition to the usage statistics reports that we email to administrators and journal managers/editors on a monthly basis, we can also support Google Analytics tracking codes.

The first step to tracking your unit, series, or journal's usage with Google's Universal Analytics is to sign up for a free Analytics account. Then follow the instructions in the Google help doc article Set up Analytics for a website (Universal Analytics) to set up a new property and find your tracking ID. The tracking ID is a string like: UA-000000-2

Send the eScholarship team a request for Analytics with the following information for each unit or department site, series, or journal:

We're excited to be able to offer this much requested service to our users; however, please keep in mind that since Google Analytics is a service provided by a third-party, we are not able to provide direct support or guidance on how to use the Google Analytics site. We also reserve the right to discontinue support for Google Analytics at any time, should the code interfere with eScholarship's core functionality.

Note: eScholarship currently does not support GA4 (Google Analytics 4). When setting up a new property, choose "Show advanced options", then choose "create a Universal Analytics property" to create a UA tracking ID.