Below is the process to merge two Janeway accounts for preprints authors using the command line accounts merge tool. 

1. Confirm that the requester is the submitting author on the preprint. 

    a. Find the preprint: 
    b. View preprint in admin view:
    c. Confirm that the submitting author's name matches requester and is a dummy account: (note: You can always update the submitting author to the new account during this step, but it's cleaner to merge the accounts.) If they are not the submitting author, then ask EER/EA whether their account should become the submitting author.

2. Find the two accounts in the account table: 

   a. Access account table

3. Add accounts to EER Reconciliation Tracking sheet and generate merge command 

    a. Access reconciliation tracking sheet:

        ii. EA: 

    b. Paste the user data into the next available row 
    c. Copy and paste the last merge command in column G to column G in your new row 
    d. Copy the new command for the next step 

4. Merge in Janeway PRD 

    b. sudo su - eschol
    c. Paste command, then submit
    d. Review the provided information and input Y to confirm 
    e. Record merge success in reconciliation tracking sheet