Multiple Affiliations for eScholarship Items

Posted over 8 years ago by Justin Gonder

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Justin Gonder
Justin Gonder Admin

 Users would like the ability to have their eScholarship items listed in more than one departmental space.

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Justin Gonder

Justin Gonder posted over 5 years ago Admin

This feature is now partly available to administrators. In situations where an individual has administrator privileges for the series where the item currently exists and the series they would like the item to be moved or co-located within, users may take advantage of the eScholarship submission management system's Location Manager feature.

We are continuing to work on functionality that would enable series administrators to co-locate (or import) items from other areas of eScholarship for which the user is not an administrator. For progress updates, select the 'Follow' button at the top of this article (you must be logged in to do so).

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