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Offer a URL-shortener for eScholarship content

It would be great if there was a shortened url associated with each paper hosted on escholarship. It would be useful for sharing more easily in presentations, etc. For example,
something like:

At the moment we do that manually using, which isn't very efficient, and doesn't make a whole pile of sense (as there's no guarantee will be around forever).



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Thanks for the suggestion! We are going to add this to our 2019/2020 roadmap, and will post updates here when the feature is available.

The URL shortener has been released!

You can now shorten the length of any eScholarship item or landing page URL following the guidance available in our Help Center:

Please note that while short URLs currently have to be created manually using the guidance in the article linked above, we will be adding them to Share menus throughout the platform in the near future.



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