Q: I'd like to receive usage statistics for the articles, papers and other content I've authored on eScholarship.


I receive usage statistics for some of the paper(s) I've submitted to eScholarship, but not all of them. How can I get a complete set of usage statistics?

A: eScholarship sends an email to users at the beginning of each month which contains links to usage statistics.

For authors these statistics will outline usage for all content in eScholarship for which you are listed as an author, so long as your email address was provided with your submission.

For administrators these statistics will outline usage for all content contained within the units and series that you manage.

If you'd like more historical information about usage, the linked Excel file contains historical usage statistics in a separate tab. Look for the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to navigate to this historical information.

If you're not receiving usage statistics for all of the content you've authored, it's likely the case that your email address is missing from our records for any publications that are missing from your report. Contact the administrator for your department, research unit or publication and ask them to add your email address so that you can receive a complete set of usage statistics.

Usage statistics can also be viewed inline for any item on eScholarship. When viewing an article on our site, look for the "Document Metrics" tab just to the left of the document preview. This area provides regularly updated estimates of views and downloads for the item.