Understanding eScholarship Usage Statistics

Modified on Wed, 14 Jun 2023 at 12:35 PM

eScholarship generates usage statistics reports for all department, unit & journal administrators, as well as reports for authors who provided an email address at the time they submitted content to the site. The data contained in these reports is updated nightly, and an email reminder is sent to administrators and authors quarterly.

How can I view the Usage Statistics?

Usage statistics are available on the Metrics tab, located at the top of every article in eScholarship. You can also view metrics for a unit, series or journal by adding /stats to the end of a URL (e.g. https://escholarship.org/uc/cshe/stats)

What do the numbers in each column mean?

  • View = user only viewed the record in their browser; they did not download the item.
  • Download = user downloaded the primary PDF file after viewing the record in their browser (note that these views are not included in the View-only count above).
  • Total Requests = Views + Downloads
  • % Download = The percentage of total requests that resulted in downloads.

Note: Both view and download metrics are filtered to prevent over-counting of invalid traffic (e.g. web crawlers, users refreshing the page multiple times, etc.). Given the ever evolving nature of invalid traffic and methods for filtering it out, all metrics in these reports are subject to change and should be considered approximate. 

Can I unsubscribe from the usage report emails?

Yes. Emails sent to authors contain an unsubscribe link that can be clicked to be immediately removed from the mailing list.

If you are a department, unit or journal admin, you will need to contact eScholarship Support to stop receiving these emails, as we must update our records with contact information for the new administrator.

Some of the items I've authored are missing from my report.

We are only able to include items when an email address is provided in the author information section of the submission form.

You may add your email address to previous submissions by navigating to the item and selecting "Manage Submissions." After logging in, locate your item and select the Make Changes button. You will then be able to add your email address.

If the above method does not work, or you need usage information right away, you can always view such stats by clicking the Metrics tab that appears above your item on eScholarship.