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Get Started Now - Request a New Unit

If your academic department or research unit is not yet represented on eScholarship, you may request a new eScholarship unit. If you have questions about the services we provide, or whether your planned site fits within our content guidelines, you can:

Before we can set up your new unit, the following will be required: 

  • A completed Terms of Service agreement (attached here). Please send the entire PDF document with signature (not just the final page) to us using the "New Ticket" button at the top of this page. (If this presents a problem for you, please contact us.) 
  • The name and contact information for an official site administrator, who will act as the point of contact for the unit. 

Once we have reviewed your signed agreement, we will create a basic site for the unit and contact the site administrator to with links to information on how to build on and customize the new site.