Screening submissions for plagiarism

Modified on Mon, 01 Oct 2018 at 01:51 PM

Screening for plagiarism is a best practice for any editorial workflow. Increasingly, important journal indexes like the Directory of Open Access Journals require that the review process include plagiarism screening, as evidence of quality peer review and serious editorial standards. 

We highly recommend plagiarism screening to verify the originality of submissions in your journal’s peer review process, as part of your larger commitment to upholding your journal’s integrity. 

There are a number of software solutions available to help with this process. Some of these include: 

We also recommend making it clear on your journal’s policy page that plagiarism screening is a part of your review process, once you have chosen a solution. If you would like the eScholarship group to update your policy page with this information, contact us. 

eScholarship is currently evaluating new submission management systems that may help to support plagiarism checking in the future.