DOI Assignment for eScholarship journals

Modified on Fri, 17 Jun 2022 at 01:36 PM

Through an integration with CDL’s EZID service, journals using eScholarship’s journal management system can choose to have DOIs automatically assigned to their articles, and have those DOIs and related metadata registered in EZID and Crossref. Those journal articles are then available to a variety of indexers, libraries and other third-parties, thereby increasing the exposure of the journal's content.

In order for a journal to take advantage of this integration, the journal must have a current UC affiliation and must also meet the following requirements set by Crossref:

  • The journal must have an ISSN. If your journal does not have an ISSN, you may request one here:
    Please be sure to notify us once the ISSN is issued.
  • The journal must agree to require prospective articles to include DOIs for all references wherever they exist.
    • This requirement should be included in submission checklists, submission guidelines and will have to be part of the the final article production. DOIs for references do not have to be submitted directly to CrossRef, but must be in the published article reference section.
    • Crossref audits for this and will remove publishers from CrossRef if journals are found not to be in compliance.
    • Crossref’s website provides detailed guidelines on how DOIs should be displayed on webpages and in articles.
  • Journals are also supposed to retroactively include DOIs for all past references, however this is not required at the start and can be addressed at a later point.

If you can meet these requirements and are interested setting up this service for your journal, contact us.

Important note regarding author names: Current limitations exist on author names:

  • Given names can be no longer than 35 characters
  • Surnames can be no longer than 45 characters
  • Numerals and special characters other than hyphens ("-") and apostrophes ("'") are not allowed