Name Restrictions in DOIs

Modified on Fri, 04 Mar 2022 at 01:59 PM

One named contributor is required for any piece of content that will have a DOI assigned to it.  eScholarship's current journal management system does not have an explicit field for providing a group name (often referred to as a "corporate author"), which journal editors sometimes choose to do when publishing an editorial, for instance.  While it is possible to work around this by using first and last name fields for this (putting "Editorial" as the last name and "Board" as the first name), we recommend instead following an emerging practice of including all contributing individuals as co-authors.  This strategy has two primary benefits: 1) making it easier for readers of past group authored articles to see who was associated with those statements and 2) ensuring that those individual contributors receive appropriate acknowledgement and credit for their work.  

If for some reason a group name must be expressed using the first and last name fields, please note that the value submitted for the "last name" can be no more than 45 characters long and the value submitted for the "first name" can be no longer than 35 characters long.