My Janeway preprint has been published in a journal! How do I add the journal article's DOI to the preprint?

Modified on Fri, Nov 10, 2023 at 5:54 AM

The below help desk article applies to the preprint services hosted on eScholarship Publishing's Janeway platform: EarthArXiv and EcoEvoRxiv. To update your preprint to eScholarship, see the UC Publication Management System submission guide or the eScholarship Repository user guide.

There are three ways to connect your published article DOI to your preprint:

Screenshot of text displayed when a publisher DOI is connected to a preprint: "The published version of this Preprint is available:"Once a published article's DOI is connected to a preprint, it displays above the preprint PDF and in the preprint DOI metadata.

1. Add the DOI yourself: If you are the author who submitted the preprint, submit a "Metadata Update" request to the preprint moderation team.

2. Ask the moderator to add the DOI: Contact the EarthArXiv or EcoEvoRxiv moderation team and request that they add your published article DOI to your preprint

3. Wait for automated updates: The California Digital Library conducts weekly scan for published articles which may be the final versions of preprints in EarthArXiv and EcoEvoRxiv. Learn more: Automated preprint-published article DOI connection.

Note: Adding the published article DOI to the metadata will not add the published article DOI to your preprint's PDF. To add the published article DOI to your preprint PDF, make the edit to your original document and submit a "New Version" update request