How can I add subheadings (or sections) to my journal's table of contents?

Modified on Thu, 14 Feb 2019 at 08:28 AM

Q: I'd like to divide my issue's table of contents into several sections, one for Articles, another for Interviews and a third for Book Reviews. How can I add these subheadings?

A: To manage TOC sub-headings, you'll need to go to Configure Journal > Journal Sections. The process for managing journal sections is described in more detail on page 38 of the eScholarship Journal Manual:

Once you have your journal sections created, you can assign a particular article to a specific section on the 1. Summary tab (when viewing an article's details). The section selector is located in the top block of that page.

One thing to note about managing sections in your journal: by default, new sections that you create are also available to authors as selections that they can make when initially submitting a manuscript. So if you create a new journal section called "Front Matter," an author will see the option "Front Matter" as an option when they are asked to select the section to which they'd like to submit their manuscript. If you'd prefer authors not to see the section you are creating, be sure to select the "Items can only be submitted by Editors and Section Editors" checkbox (next to Restrictions) when creating the section.