Can I delete journal section headings / subheadings that I'm no longer using?

Modified on Wed, 10 Feb 2021 at 10:46 AM

Journal Sections can be used to organize content in your journal issues under sub-headings. These sections are also (by default) presented to authors during the submission process. Over time, the list of sections can become quite long, and you may want to do some clean up so that authors have a more concise (and current) list of sections to choose from.

First, note that you should not delete any journal sections that you've used in the past. Doing so will cause publishing problems in the future, should you ever need to make changes to an article that belongs to a section you've deleted.

You can, however, clean-up the sections that are presented to authors as choices when they are submitting new content to your journal.

To hide a section from prospective authors, select the "Items can only be submitted by Editors and Section Editors" checkbox on the section information screen (pictured below). You can get to the section information screen by navigating to Configure Journal > Journal Sections, then click on the edit link next to the section you'd like to modify.

If you'd like to delete a journal section that you created by accident, or which has never been used for a published issue, contact eScholarship support.