Q: I need to make changes to some of the metadata (abstract, author name, author email address, etc.) for one of my articles, but it's in an issue that's already been published.

A: To make changes to an existing article in an eScholarship journal, first log in by going to http://submit.escholarship.org then:

  1. Go to Manage All Submissions
  2. Under Issues select "Back Issues"
  3. Navigate to the issue which contains the item you want to edit
  4. Click on the title of the article that you want to edit
  5. Make sure you are on the Step 1. Summary page for that item*
  6. Toward the bottom of this page, under "Submission Metadata" click on the Edit Metadata link
  7. Make any needed changes, then click the Save Metadata button.
  8. Navigate to the Step 3. Editing page for that item
  9. In the Scheduling section, click on the Preview & Publish Issue link
  10. Click on the Save Changes & Publish button

You should see your changes on the live site within about 10 minutes. Remember to use your browser's refresh button if at first you do not see the changes.

*Note: If you are trying to replace the PDF that is displayed online, instead of the metadata, skip to Step 3. Editing. Locate the Galley Format PDF in the Layout section and delete the existing file in that section. Then upload your new Galley Format PDF and continue with step 9 (above).