Reviewer Guide (Janeway)

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Reviewer Guide

Reviewers can access reviews in two ways:

  1. Using the link in their request email
  2. Checking the Review section on the Dashboard

Direct Link

If the journal has enabled one-click-access reviewers should be able to go straight to the review page bypassing the login screen using a shared secret key. Otherwise, the reviewer will have to login as normal.


If you login to a janeway journal and are a reviewer for that journal you will find a review section on your dashboard where you can see if you have any active review requests.


The review dashboard block


On the reviews page you can see new requests and outstanding review requests

Review Form

Either way you will come to the Review Form page. It is split into three sections.

  1. Review Guidelines
  2. Review Files
  3. Review Form

Review Guidelines

The review guidelines section displays information on how the editor would like you to undertake the review. There are general review guidelines and guidelines that are specific to this review form (as journals can have multiple forms).

Also in this section you have an option to accept or decline the review. If you used the Dashboard > Review Requests > Review Form route and have accepted already you may only see the Decline button. If you opt to decline to review you will be asked if you can suggest any other reviewers who may be suitable.


Guidelines for the default review form

Review Files

A list of the review files that the editor has selected for you to use to complete the review are listed here. Sometimes there can be quite a few files so you also have the option of downloading them as a zip file.


In this instance there is one review file but there may be more, including figure files

Review Form

The review form is where the magic happens! It can be a single large text box or multiple boxes with checkboxes and drop downs. Each element in the form will have help text to assist you in completing it.


A review form

The sections of this form are:

  • Review File
    • Here you can upload your review if you want to complete if offline, though this may be disabled on a journal by journal basis.
  • Review Field
    • This is the main review form element, it could be made up of one or many questions
  • Recommendation
    • You are asked to make a recommendation from the following options:
      • Accept
      • Decline
      • Minor Revisions
      • Major Revisions
  • Comments for the Editor
    • If you have any additional comments they can be added here, these are for consumption by the editor only.

Review Complete

Once you have submitted your review you will be shown a run down of what you submitted. Please note you will not be able to go back once you have pressed submit.

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