What can I post / publish on eScholarship?

Modified on Wed, 20 Apr 2022 at 02:30 PM

eScholarship provides a platform and tools that University of California faculty, researchers, staff, and students can leverage to increase the readership of their scholarly works. All content on eScholarship is "Open Access" which means it is made freely available to readers across the world.

eScholarship can be used to post:

  • Previously published scholarly articles
  • Working papers
  • Lab reports
  • Conference proceedings
  • Book-length works

Previously published scholarly articles can be posted directly by UC-affiliated authors once they have created an account. Content that has not been previously published must be included in a department or unit site and approved by that site's administrator.

eScholarship also offers services to support new open access publications, including:

  • Journals
  • Book series