Whose content is appropriate for eScholarship?

Modified on Wed, Apr 20, 2022 at 2:31 PM

eScholarship's open access (OA) repository and publishing services are provided free of charge to current University of California faculty (including emeriti), researchers, staff, and students. Content that has not been previously published must be mediated by an eScholarship site administrator.

Content in department and research unit sites

UC departments, publishing programs, organized research units (ORUs), and other programs can set up their own sites in eScholarship to host works produced, edited, or sponsored under their auspices. Each unit determines its specific content guidelines and may feature working papers, monographs, proceedings of conferences held by the department, previously published works, student capstone projects, or any other content of a scholarly nature. Local site administrators manage submissions to the site.


New journals must have at least one person with a current University of California affiliation who will serve on the journal’s initial editorial board. Student journals must also have a department or unit that will sponsor or be directly affiliated with the journal. Journals are free to accept submissions from non-UC scholars.

Previously published works

eScholarship provides deposit and dissemination services for previously published material authored by scholars associated with University of California departments, research units, and publishing programs. Authors can deposit and manage their work directly by signing up for an account.