Removing content or reporting copyright concerns

Modified on Wed, 22 Jun 2022 at 03:27 PM

Removing work

eScholarship does not generally support the removal or deletion of publications once posted. We feel it is important to provide perpetual access to materials published in eScholarship whenever possible and appropriate in order to preserve the scholarly record. However, we will remove publications under special circumstances, including in the case of submission errors, rights violations, or inappropriate content. Please be aware, however, that even after the removal of an item, the title, author, and publication year of that item will still be visible, along with an explanation of why the item has been withdrawn.

Publications generally will not be withdrawn because they are outdated, because the author intends to publish them elsewhere, or because an author or reader is embarrassed or offended. We do reserve the right to remove or withdraw a publication if we have reason to believe its availability poses a threat to safety or that the publication violates the right of a third party, including instances of libel, invasion of privacy, or plagiarism. We will contact the author's institution and/or publishing unit and, where possible, the author when this occurs. The decision of whether to republish the content and if so, whether a redacted version will be used, will rest with the University of California unit responsible for its original publication.

If you would like to request that a work be removed from eScholarship, please contact us with more information.

Copyright concerns

When submitting a work to eScholarship for publication, the author, editor, or publishing unit administrator warrants that they hold the copyright to the work or have sufficient authority to distribute the work via eScholarship. Copyright holders retain the copyright to works published in eScholarship and may re-publish or reproduce the work as they wish. If you are a copyright holder and have concerns about content that appears on eScholarship, please contact us.

Electronic theses & dissertations

While eScholarship provides the technical platform for UC campuses to publicly host theses and dissertations, we are not involved in policy issues or decisions regarding what content is or is not included in a campus repository. If your thesis or dissertation appears in eScholarship and you would like it removed, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies or Library Technical Services on your campus. A list of campus contacts can be found on the page: Who can I contact for help with theses and dissertations? See also: Frequently Asked Questions about electronic theses and dissertations.

Resolving duplicates

In most cases, please contact the unit administrator to let them know that a duplicate has been deposited. If you are an administrator: 

  • Navigate to one of the duplicate items in eScholarship
  • Select the Manage Submissions button at the top right of the page
  • Locate your item in the submission management system and select Withdraw
  • A request will automatically be submitted to the eScholarship team who will respond when the withdrawal request has been processed.

Moving work published to an incorrect series 

See the Helpdesk article: Managing where an item appears in eScholarship (move or add an item to a different section).

If you do not have access to move the work to the correct series, please contact us.

Revising work

To revise work previously submitted to eScholarship:

  • Navigate to the published version of your paper in eScholarship
  • Select the Manage Submissions button at the top right of the page
  • Locate your item in the submission management system and select Make Changes

Note: for content published in an eScholarship journal, authors should contact the journal editor directly to inquire about the journal's revision policy.

Appropriate content

Any department, center, publishing program, individual faculty member, or student associated with the University of California may publish content in eScholarship.

Publications included in eScholarship are often the original work of UC faculty, staff, or students. However, eScholarship also publishes materials that have been edited or sponsored by University of California–affiliated departments, centers, publishing programs, individual faculty members or students. For example, an eScholarship journal edited by a UC faculty member or sponsored by a UC department may publish articles written by scholars outside the UC system. Similarly, a UC research unit may publish the proceedings from a hosted conference, regardless of the institutional affiliation of conference attendees.

Content is suitable for inclusion in eScholarship if it adheres to all applicable policies (e.g., peer review, copyright, etc.); the content is of a scholarly nature and deemed appropriate by the sponsoring unit or some other vetting process; and the content conforms to the existing format types supported by the platform.