Edit content on your department or journal page with the Site Configuration Tool

Modified on Wed, Mar 27 at 3:12 PM

Using the Site Configuration Tool, department and unit administrators can customize their site by modifying text, updating images and and adding widgets that appear on their eScholarship site. A video tutorial and step-by-step guidance are provided below:


To access the Site Configuration tool

  1. Navigate to your department or research unit's eScholarship site
  2. Select "Administrator Login" at the bottom-right of the page (in the footer)
  3. Log in with your eScholarship administrator account
  4. Click the "Edit Page" button that you will now see at the top-left of the page.

Tip: Edit Page button not working?

  • Ensure that you are logging in with the same email address that you use to approve new submissions (for unit admins), or to utilize the Configure Journal tools (for journal editors).
  • The Edit Page button only works on your unit or journal landing page, not on item or series pages. Click the title of your unit or journal (or its logo) to make sure you're on the correct page.
  • Try launching a new 'private' or 'incognito' browser window. This will temporarily disable any browser extensions that may be interfering with the tool.
  • Still having trouble? Your permissions may need to be updated. Select the "New Support Ticket" button near the top of this page to contact us.

Making changes to the text of your site's informational pages

Please note: Some pages (e.g. Policies) cannot currently be edited or deleted using the Site Editing tool. If you need assistance modifying these pages, please use the "New Support Ticket" button near the top of this page to contact us.)

  • In the Site Editing sidebar, under 'Navigation Items,' select the page you would like to edit.
  • Use the tools in the Text editor to make any needed adjustments to the page.
  • Select the 'Save' button to publish your changes. They will appear immediately on the public version of your site.
  • Items in your site navigation bar can be re-arranged by dragging them into the desired order.
  • Select the + next to 'Navigation Items' to add a new page, link or dropdown menu folder.
    • Pages and links can be nested into dropdown menu folders by clicking and dragging a page or link under a folder.

Making changes to your site's logo or banner image

  • You can replace or upload a new logo image (in jpg, png, or gif format) to display at the top of your site's pages by selecting the 'Profile' option under Site Settings.
  • Use the Browse button to select a new logo image from your computer, and then select Save Changes.
  • The maximum allowable size for a logo image is 90px height, 800 px width.
    • If you choose to use a logo that is smaller than 225 px width, a typeset version of your site's name will appear to the right of the logo image
    • If you do not want the typeset title to appear, or if you are uploading a logo image that is wider than 225 px, select the 'Logo is full-width banner' checkbox to suppress display of the typeset title. Remember to also select Save Changes.
    • Logos must meet general accessibility guidelines:
      • Text in the logo image must be the same as the site title
      • The contrast ratio between the color of the text and any applicable background color must be at least 4.5:1
        (You can check contrast ratios at: https://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/)
      • Note: eScholarship may remove any logo images that do not meet accessibility requirements.

Making changes to your site's homepage

  • In the Site Editing sidebar, select 'Unit Profile.'
  • You can change the 'About' text that appears near the top of your site's landing page.
  • You may also wish to specify a twitter handle or facebook username on this page. When these details are supplied, links to your unit's social media pages will be included in the navigation bar.

Managing sidebar widgets

Sidebar widgets appear in the right column of your site's landing page, and can be used to feature recent items, or share news and information with site visitors.

  • Select the + next to Sidebar Widgets
    • Select "Recent Items" to create a widget that will display items recently added to your site.
    • Select "Text" to create a free-form widget that includes text and/or images.
    • Select "Twitter Feed" to create a widget that includes posts to your Twitter page

An image-based carousel can be added to the top of your site's landing page. Carousels can be used to highlight important content, upcoming events, information or news. The recommended image dimensions are 900 x 320 pixels, and the  recommended format is PNG.

  • Under Site Settings, select 'Carousel Builder'
  • Next to 'Publish Carousel,' select 'Enabled'
  • Enter information in the Header and Text fields
  • Select the Browse button to upload a background image for the carousel
  • Select Save Changes
  • You can add additional slides to the carousel using the 'Add Slide' button.

Creating, re-ordering, or deleting series or collections

  • This functionality is not available through the site configuration tool at this time. Contact eScholarship support if you need assistance creating or re-ordering new series or collections.