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Modified on Wed, 10 Jul 2019 at 03:15 PM

Before you begin

When an author submits a new manuscript to your journal, the journal's 'Principal contact'* will receive an automated email indicating that a new submission has been received, and the author will receive an automated email confirming the successful submission of their paper.

*The 'Principal contact' can be updated by going to Configure Journal > 5-Step Journal Setup > Step 1.2

Steps in this guide

  1. Locate new submissions
  2. View submitted information and materials
  3. Make an initial editorial determination
  4. Assign editor(s)

1. Locate new submissions

  • Log into your journal's submission management system by selecting the 'Manage Submissions' button on your journal's eScholarship page.
  • You should arrive on a page titled '[Your Journal's Name] Home.' If not, select 'My Journals' and then select your journal.
  • Select 'Manage All Submissions' (Don't see this option? Learn more about permissions.)
  • Select 'Unassigned' (Note: If automatic assignment has been enabled, new submissions will instead be located under 'In Review'.)
  • Select the title of any new submission. If you do not see any submissions listed, you may need to reset the view filters near the top of the page.

2. View submitted information and materials

  • Once you have selected a submission to view, ensure that you are on the 'Summary' page for that item. If not, select the '1. Summary' link near the top of the page.
  • Select the link next to 'Original file' to view the submitted manuscript and determine its suitability.
  • You may also wish to review any supplemental files that were provided, as well as the cover letter.

3. Make an initial editorial determination

  • If the submission meets your criteria, skip to the next step in this guide: Assign editor(s)
  • If not, select 'Reject and archive submission' in the Status section. You will then have the opportunity to send a rejection letter to the author.

4. Assign editor(s)

  • Before beginning the peer review process, you must first assign one or more editors to the submission
  • In the Editors section, select one of the links to 'Add Section Editor,' 'Add Editor,' or 'Add Self.'
  • You may add more than one editor or section editor to any given manuscript.

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