Monitoring Review Progress

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The Main Dashboard in Janeway. Two cursor icons show where to click to access the Main Dashboard and the Articles in Review dashboard.

As reviewers respond to review requests and complete their reviews, email notifications will be sent to the Editor who initiated the review request. Editors can also monitor the status of review requests by navigating to the Articles in Review dashboard.

The Articles in Review dashboard gives Editors an at-a-glance view of each article's status.

An Editor's next task depends on your journal's review policies and the status of each review request. For example:

  • The first article above is in fairly good shape. Two of the three review requests have been completed, but the top review request says Wait. This means the reviewer has not yet responded Yes or No to the review request. Depending on how long it has been since the request was sent, you may want to send a reminder or consider an alternate reviewer - or, potentially two reviewers is sufficient, in which case you can cancel the outstanding review request.
  • The second article is in a more advanced stage than the first. All three reviewers completed their work and, based on the reviewer's feedback, the Editor has sent a revision request to the author. The author has until July 31st to submit their revisions.
  • The third article may be in a bit of trouble. The first reviewer in the list has not yet responded to the initial review request. The second reviewer has declined the review request, and the third reviewer has agreed to complete the review but has not yet submitted it. The Editor may want to consider sending reminders and adding alternate reviewers to this article.

You can view more detailed information about the review requests by clicking on any article's title and scrolling to the Reviewers section:

The review above has been completed and the reviewer has recommended major revisions for this manuscript. Select View to see the reviewer's detailed feedback:

On the View Review page, you can see the reviewer's responses to individual questions and make decisions about what parts of the review the author should be able to see. In this example, a question has been asked about the Abstract and the reviewer has submitted a response. If needed, the editor has the option of modifying the reviewer's response using the Edit icon. After everything is in order the Editor should toggle the "Author can access this review" slider and select Save. You can also expand the Answer Visibility section to toggle visibility on a per-question basis.

Returning to the previous page, we can see that this reviewer has not yet indicated whether or not they are willing to perform the review. You could use the envelope icon to send a follow-up message to the reviewer (Keep in mind that the system is also configured to send automated reminders, see TK.), or you could select the arrow next to View to modify or withdraw the request. For completed reviews, the Rate option in this menu is a convenient and confidential way for editors to assign reviewers a score.

Continue monitoring reviews until enough have been completed, using the Add Reviewer option as needed to make up for any reviewers who declined or otherwise did not respond to your request.

Once enough reviews have been received, it's time to request a revision or make a final editorial decision.

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