Monitor reviewers' progress and assess incoming reviews

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Before you begin

  • You must first assign and invite at least one reviewer.
  • If you are not already on the Review screen, navigate to the Journal Home screen, select 'Manage All Submissions' then select 'In Review.' (Don't see this option? Learn more about permissions.) Finally, select the title of the manuscript you'd like to work with.
  • Ensure that you are on the '2. Review' page for the manuscript you are working on, by selecting the 2. Review link near the top of the page.
  • Scroll to the Peer Review section of the page.

Steps in this guide

  1. Monitor reviewer's progress and (if necessary) act on their behalf
  2. Assess incoming reviews

1. Monitor reviewers' progress and (if necessary) act on their behalf

After adding reviewer(s), the Peer Review section will contain blocks for each reviewer you've assigned to the manuscript. In each block you will see information about the date the review was requested, when the review is due, and what activities (if any) the reviewer has completed.

In some cases, you may wish to act on behalf of a reviewer. For instance: rather than clicking the 'Unable to do the review' link on the website, a reviewer may simply reply to your review request email to indicate that they are unable to do the review. You can keep your Peer Review section up-to-date by selecting the 'Unable to do the review' link on the author's behalf. Similarly, you have the ability to upload review files, record comments and recommendations on the reviewer's behalf (however you must first select 'Will do the review' to complete these subsequent actions).

2. Assess incoming reviews

In most cases, the manuscript's editor(s) will receive an email notification from each reviewer, indicating that they have completed their review. Many reviewers, however, skip this notification step. It is therefore important to periodically check each reviewer's progress in the Peer Review section.

  • Select the 'speech bubble' icon to view any comments the reviewer recorded.
  • If the reviewer uploaded file(s), select each file link to download and view the file. Determine whether that file should be shared with the author, and then select or de-select the 'Let author view file' checkbox, as appropriate. Remember to select the Record button to save your choice.
  • Note the reviewer's 'Recommendation' regarding their suggested Editorial Decision.
  • Select the 'envelope' icon under Acknowledge to send the reviewer a thank you note.
  • (Optional) You may select a subjective Reviewer Rating (on a scale of 1-5) to help you track the reviewer's performance. Remember to select the Record button to save your choice. Reviewer ratings are only visible to editors; they are not revealed to the reviewer.

Repeat the above steps for each reviewer until enough reviews have been completed to satisfy your journal's peer review policy.

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