Why aren't my preprints in my dashboard?

Modified on Fri, 10 Nov 2023 at 05:53 AM

The below help desk article applies to the preprint services hosted on eScholarship Publishing's Janeway platform: EarthArXiv and EcoEvoRxiv. To for questions related to your preprint in eScholarship, see the UC Publication Management System help desk or the eScholarship Repository user guide.

There may be a few reasons why you may not see your preprints in your Author Dashboard: 

  1. Not the submitting author 
  2. Account migrated from the old system and hasn't been merged 
  3. Preprint lacks associated submitting author (rare)

1. Not the submitting author 

The Author Dashboard only displays preprints which you yourself have submitted. If you are a co-author on a preprint, then the preprint will not be listed.

If you need to make updates to your preprint, please coordinate with the submitting author. If the submitting author is unavailable, or if their account has not yet been migrated in the new system, please contact the moderators of the preprint server to coordinate updates or reassign the submitting author. 

2. Account hasn't been merged yet

Preprints which have been migrated from another system, such as OSF, are associated with a "dummy account" in Janeway preprints until a) you register a new account in the system, and b) the dummy account has been merged into your new account.

New accounts are scanned for possible matches with dummy accounts once a week. However the scanning is not perfect, and if you have a very common name, or if your name appears differently in the old and new system, it may not be found by the scanner. If it has been more than a week (7 days) since you have registered an account in Janeway preprints, please contact the preprint moderation team, and include the preprint(s) you have authored but do not see in your dashboard. 

3. Preprint lacks a submitting author 

A very small number of preprints which migrated lack a submitting author. If you notice that the author list of your preprint is missing an author or two, this may be the cause. 

Contact the preprint moderation team with the name of the preprint to investigate the issue and/or request assignment as the submitting author.