Creating Review Requests

Modified on Mon, 17 Jun 2024 at 02:10 PM

Screenshots below look unfamiliar? We've recently launched a new submission management system for journals.
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The Main Dashboard in Janeway. Two cursor icons show where to click to access the Main Dashboard and the Articles in Review dashboard.

Submissions that have been moved to review from the Unassigned stage can be monitored and acted upon from the Articles in Review dashboard, which can be accessed by Editors and Section Editors from the Main dashboard.

The Articles in Review dashboard in Janeway, depicting 4 articles in various stages of the peer review process.

The Articles in Review dashboard shows the status of all submissions in the Review stage, including items that are out for review, items not yet sent for review, and submissions undergoing revision. The columns of the table can be sorted by clicking on their headers, and you can filter this view using the My Assignments option at the top right 

Tip: If you aren't seeing all the submissions you're expecting on this page, exit the My Assignments view by selecting All Submissions.

Creating New Review Requests

Preparing Files

The first step in preparing a submission for peer review is getting the file(s) ready. This primarily involves ensuring that the files submitted by the author meet your journal's peer review policies and, if you are conducting anonymous review, that no personally identifiable information about the author(s) has been included.

After selecting a title from the Articles in Review table:

  • Select Add Files from the Peer Review screen
  • On the Add Files screen, download each file and inspect each to ensure they meet your requirements. If any adjustments are needed, you can upload new files or replace existing files with new versions.
  • Finally, check the box next to each file you wish reviewers to see, check the box confirming you've inspected the files, then tap the Select Files for Review button.

Assigning Reviewers

You'll be returned to the Peer Review page. Just below where you added files, select Add Reviewer.

You'll be presented with your reviewer database, which includes useful information about your reviewers including how many reviews they have active and when they completed their last review. If you don't see the reviewer you're looking for, or don't yet have any reviewers in your database, use the + Add New Reviewer option.

  • Select a reviewer from the table
  • Review the default options for Review Form, Anonymity, and Date Due
  • Select Add Reviewer

You will be presented with an email message draft to send to the reviewer. You can make any needed edits to this email before sending it.

Important: When making edits to the review request email, do not alter the URL provided for the reviewer, and do not copy this private link to any other request emails.

Repeat these steps to add additional reviewers, as needed. You can then monitor the status of the review requests from the Articles in Review dashboard described at the top of this page.

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