Get an updated feed of your unit, series, or journal’s items with RSS

Modified on Thu, 23 Sep 2021 at 08:22 AM

RSS (RDF Site Summary or Really Simple/Straightforward Syndication) is a feed of content; it includes the title of an item, a hyperlink, and sometimes a summary abstract and publication date. Every unit and series in eScholarship has its own RSS feed, including at the campus level. 

RSS feeds can be used to: 

  • Import into a feed reader to learn of newly published items; 

  • Connect to mail software to alert of new items; 

  • Embed a feed of recent content on a personal or institutional web page. 

How to find a location’s RSS feed 

Look for the RSS icon  (alt text: RSS) at any series or unit in eScholarship to find its corresponding RSS feed.

The RSS button is found at the top left of all units and series and links directly to the .rss feed for all items under that grouping. 

You can also plug the unit or series name into this template to link to the RSS feed:[slug]