About eScholarship APIs

Modified on Tue, May 7 at 12:21 PM

eScholarship Publishing and Repository services provide multiple APIs to enable systems to integrate and exchange data with eScholarship in a machine-readable format. Some eScholarship APIs require review and approval to obtain access (credentials). Users of the eScholarship APIs must abide by the eScholarship API Terms of Use or risk their access being restricted or revoked. 

In addition to APIs, eScholarship supports other system connections including KBart, OAI-PMH, and RSS/ATOM feeds. 

eScholarship APIs at a glance

ServiceActionsRequires CredentialsTypeDocumentation
eScholarship (Public)ReadNoGraphQLeScholarship Help Center
UCPMSRead, Write, UpdateYesRESTDocumentation access provided with credentials
In development-
Preprints (Janeway)
ReadNoRESTDocumentation provided within interface

Obtaining credentials for an eScholarship API

Access to certain eScholarship APIs requires review and approval by the eScholarship team. API users must first integrate with the development (testing) servers and demonstrate functional integration. Contact eScholarship Support to discuss your API use case and request access to the development API(s). 

Note: The eScholarship Public (Read) API and Preprints Public (Read) API can be accessed without credentials. Learn more about accessing the public eScholarship API. For access to the Preprints Write API in development, contact eScholarship Support.

API request rates

eScholarship APIs do not have a set maximum request rate per minute. API users are to maintain a reasonable request rate or risk access being throttled or cut off.