Batch update long preprint author lists

Modified on Fri, 10 Nov 2023 at 05:55 AM

The below help desk article applies to the preprint services hosted on eScholarship Publishing's Janeway platform: EarthArXiv and EcoEvoRxiv

The Janeway system enables submitting authors to add individual authors to a preprint individually using manual entry. For preprints with long author lists, manual entry can be a trial and result in input errors. The California Digital Library can facilitate updating or overwriting large (~10+) author lists on a submitted or published preprint upon the request from Preprint moderators. 

How it works

Authors should contact the preprint server to request their assistance loading a large list of authors to the preprint during submission. This could be either during submission in the "Comments" field, or in an email directly to the servers. Preprint moderators should provide authors the CSV template attached to this support document to fill in, then forward the request to the California Digital Library in a support ticket. The request should copy the submitting author of the preprint and include the following information: 

  1. Preprint ID
  2. CSV of author list (attached below)
  3. Whether the CSV author list should be appended to the existing list on the preprint or whether the preprint's author list should be overwritten
The CSV template includes the following columns: 
  1. Preprint ID: The Janeway identifier of the preprint (example: 3806 for )
  2. Author Order: The position where the author should appear in the author list (if append: relative to the existing authors).
  3. First Name: Required. 
  4. Middle Name: Optional.
  5. Last Name: Optional
  6. Email: Required*
  7. Affiliation: Optional

* Note: If an author's email address is already active in the Janeway system, then Janeway will add the author using the name registered to their account, along with the affiliation provided in the CSV file.

Author list updates are processed within 3-5 business days. After processing, the CDL will respond confirming the update. Preprint moderators may assist the author with further updates to the author list, for example re-ordering the author list or correcting names and affiliations.

Author list update method: Overwrite vs append

Author lists can be batch updated using two methods: 
  1. Overwrite: This overwrites all authors listed on the preprint and replaces them with the authors specified in the CSV. Example:
  2. Append: This adds  the authors in the CSV to the end of the preprint's author list. If an author appears both in the CSV and in the author list, they are ignored.