Publication date is set in one of two ways:
  1. When all articles in an issue should have the same, year-only publication date, the date is set by going to Manage All Submissions > Issues > Back Issues > (Select an issue) and then selecting the "Issue Data" link. Check the box next to Year and enter a value. When you update the published issue, all articles will receive the same publication date.
  2. When each article should have its own individual publication date, un-check that Year box in the Issue Data screen, as described above, and instead navigate to each individual article in the issue's Table of Contents preview (can be accessed from the Issue Data screen) and set the date for the individual article on the 3. Editing page under 'Scheduling.' Once you have all the dates set, you'll need to return to the Table of Contents preview screen and select the 'Update Published Issue' button for the changes to take effect.