How did my article get deposited on eScholarship? Can you help me replace the article with the final published version?

Modified on Tue, Jan 10, 2023 at 7:05 AM

eScholarship is the systemwide open access repository and publishing platform of the University of California. UC researchers can ensure global access to their academic work, including their scholarly articles, by making it available in eScholarship. If you found an article you wrote in eScholarship and don’t know how it got there, it was likely deposited by one of your UC co-authors.

The UC Open Access policies assert the right of UC researchers to openly share the authors’ final version of their scholarly articles (the version that has undergone editing and peer review and has been accepted for publication, but is not the final version published on the journal’s website) via an institutional repository. This is the version that a UC co-author has made available in eScholarship, and it may be why it doesn’t look the same it might on the publisher’s website. 

eScholarship staff can not deposit or modify articles on behalf of UC researchers. If you have a later authors’ final version than what is deposited on eScholarship, please get in touch with your UC co-author and indicate your preference for it to replace the current version. Please note that the final, formatted version of the article, downloaded from the publisher’s website should not be deposited in eScholarship in most circumstances. 

For more information on how UC researchers participate in the UC Open Access policies on eScholarship, see the Office of Scholarly Communications at