Adding a published version's DOI to a preprint (Moderators)

Modified on Fri, 10 Nov 2023 at 05:55 AM

The below help desk article applies to the preprint services hosted on eScholarship Publishing's Janeway platform: EarthArXiv and EcoEvoRxiv

Connecting the published version to your preprint allows readers to find the latest version of your work. In both the user interface and preprint metadata shared with indexing services such as Crossref and Google Scholar, readers are able to see the link between your preprint and the published journal article.

Screenshot of text displayed when a publisher DOI is connected to a preprint: "The published version of this Preprint is available:"Once a Publisher DOI is connected to a Preprint, it displays above the Preprint PDF and in the Preprint DOI metadata.

The California Digital Library's eScholarship Publishing team monitor DOI Registries to find new preprint-published article DOI connections and expose the published article DOI in the preprint service and DOI metadata. DOI connection reports are processed every Monday. (Read more about the process.)

Submitting authors and moderators may also update a preprint to add the published version's DOI. Updates made by authors must first be approved by a Moderator.

Approving published version DOIs added by authors 

If the author has the DOI available, they may use the "Update Preprint" feature to connect the published article's DOI to the preprint. The instructions for authors is available in the help desk article Update your published preprint

All preprint updates made by authors must be approved by a moderator. To approve an update:


1. Navigate to the Repository Manager and check for pending updates in the Preprints Stats section under "XX versions awaiting moderation": the number of updates ("versions") pending review is labelled. Click the link to go to the version review page.

2. To review a pending request, click the "View Detail" link:

3. Requested update are marked with "changed". In the example below, the Published DOI has been added. Click "Approve" to approve the update and create a new version, or "Decline" to reject the changes (you'll have the option to write an explanation to the author):

4. Once approved, the update immediately goes live.

Adding published article DOI to a preprint

Moderators may directly update a preprint to add the published article's DOI.

1. Navigate to the Repository Manager, then find and open the preprint.

Tip: If the preprint has been published, replace the "view" in the URL with "manager". Example:

Public Preprint:
Repository Manager:

2. In the Controls box, click the top link: "Edit Metadata

3. Input the published article's DOI in the Published DOI field in the full URL format (example:, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save Metadata".

4. The preprint will be immediately updated with the published article's DOI clearly displayed.